Blurred Minds – Website

The Blurred Minds website provides information, resources, and games as part of their drug and alcohol education program. Students can go here to play browser based games, teachers can download free teaching resources, and schools can contact Blurred Minds to deliver the program to their students in person.

The Blurred Minds program was created by the Social Marketing Centre at Griffith University, and is being directed by the centre’s Engagement Director, Dr. Timo Dietrich.

To maintain the Blurred Mind’s website and make changes in accordance with their latest updates. These updates include:

  • design and visuals
  • functionality
  • features
  • Knowledge and familiarity with the Blurred Minds branding
  • Knowledge of web design principles
  • Knowledge and skill with web development
  • Knowledge of UX design principles
  • Knowledge using WordPress
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript languages