Blurred Minds – Online Course

The Blurred Minds online course is one part of the Blurred Minds drug and alcohol education program. The goal of Blurred Minds is to be a drug and education program for high schoolers that teaches them the subject in a fun and engaging way.

The Blurred Minds program was created by the Social Marketing Centre at Griffith University, and is being directed by the centre’s Director of Engagement, Dr. Timo Dietrich.

To convert their in person presentation of the Blurred Minds program into an online course. The challenges that arose from this task included being able to retain the high engagement of an in person presentation, and maintain the same level of enjoyment that the students have.

  • Knowledge and familiarity with the Blurred Minds program and branding
  • Knowledge and skills with Articulate 360’s authoring tools
  • Knowledge of e-learning design principles
  • Knowledge of web design principles