CBE Wheel – Web App

The “Co-create, Build, Engage” (CBE) Wheel is a web app that educates users on the Co-create, Build, Engage process to create effective social behavioural change campaigns.

The CBE Wheel web app was created for the Social Marketing Centre at Griffith University. Founder and Director, Prof. Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, requested the creation of this tool.

The Social Marketing Centre uses the CBE process (Co-create, Build, and Engage) for their behavioural change campaigns and projects. However, they often struggle in explaining the process to others, especially to those who aren’t in the social marketing industry. I was tasked with helping to create a web app that any user can be able to use and easily be able to understand the fundamental idea of the CBE process.

  • Knowledge and familiarity with the original CBE process
  • Knowledge and skills with Articulate 360’s authoring tools
  • Knowledge of e-learning design principles
  • Knowledge of UX design principles
  • Acquiring effective user feedback