O-it – Website

The O-it website is a part of the new O-it campaign that aims to encourage better quality clothing donations to charities in Australia. The website has information regarding the clothing that people can donate and the different op shops and donation bins that they can donate them to.

The O-it website was created for the NACRO organisation, in partnership with the Social Marketing Centre at Griffith University and the Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Science. Together, they created the campaign called O-it.

A very large portion of clothing donations received by charities such as Lifeline, Vinnies, Salvos Stores, and Link Vision are unfortunately unusable and are usually discarded as landfill. The new campaign that was initiated, called O-it, aims to encourage the donation of good quality clothes that doesn’t end up being unusable or saleable. Unlike most of the current charities, the O-it brand is aimed towards younger females (ages 20 – 40) with a modern and trendy style to appear more like a fashionable clothing brand, rather than a charitable organisation.

This website acts as a main exposure point to the O-it campaign.

  • Knowledge and familiarity with the O-it brand
  • Knowledge of web design principles
  • Knowledge and skill with web development
  • Knowledge of UX design principles
  • Knowledge using WordPress
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript languages
  • Acquiring effective user feedback